In my post college years, I began working in the fascinating world of jewelry manufacturing and design. I have often joked that it was destiny because I am proudly third generation in the industry. During this time, I dipped my toes in everything from branding and sales to design and manufacturing. I loved (most) every minute of it and learned so much from those experiences. They truly solidified my love of art, interior design, fashion and entrepreneurship.

This behind the scenes look also made me a strong advocate for artisans and the importance these dreamers have in building our communities. One of the leading drivers for wanting to start my own shop was to be able to share and support some of my favorite artists, some I'm also lucky enough to call friends.

So in some ways, this shop has been a long time coming and in others it was sprung together overnight. What I mean by that is despite only starting this company over the last few months, I have been dreaming and brainstorming its conception for most of my adult life. Slowly collecting these ideas over time has really made me confident in the message and hopes I have for the growth of the company. (More on that soon.) Hope you will follow along for the ride!

P.S. The mood board above is one I put together to inspire my branding journey. It includes content from some of my favorite places to draw inspiration: @morganharpernichols @anthroliving @einekleineds @byarielco @abeautifulmess