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These unique glass beads are a great way to add natural yet colorful accents to your space. Layer them up or let them make a statement all on their own. They look best hanging from a vase or draped over your favorite coffee table books.

Artisan crafted by the Krobo people of Ghana using a centuries old process.

Measurements: approximately 12" long

Materials: Molded + hand polished recycled glass, cotton + raffia string

Colors: Blush + Teal

Sustainable Practices: These glass beads are made by crushing recycled glass that's added to clay molds. The molds are put into a kiln also made of clay. The heated glass fuses creating the bead which is then punctured with a tool made from a cassava stem. This puncture is the hole used to string the beads. But before being strung the beads are polished by hand with a mixture of sand and water.

*Due to the handmade quality, some size and color variation may occur.