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This miniature basket is a beautiful addition to any home. Introduce it to your space as a catch all for jewelry on your nightstand or knick knacks on your desk. Also, makes for an ideal housewarming gift.

Artisan crafted by female weavers of Rwanda with locally sourced natural fibers. This time-honored weaving technique has been passed down for generations.

Includes a loop on the back for hanging.

Measurements: 4" W x 2" H

Materials: Handwoven sweetgrass and sisal

Colors: Mauve, royal blue, lime, orange and white.

Sustainable Practices: Durable sweetgrass with sisal is tightly coiled into an intricate pattern.

Care: Spot clean if needed. Keep away from direct sunlight to avoid colors from fading.

*Due to the handmade quality, some size and color variation may occur.